Legal ethics and professional responsibility are governed by rules, cases, and ethics opinions. The rules can often be found in an annotated code. Many states follow the previous or current model rules of professional conduct. You can usually find the rules within a print annotated code.

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However, the ABA website only provides access to unannotated version of of their model rules. For online access to annotated versions most recent edition of these materials, use Westlaw. ABA Ethics Opinions are not binding. Informal Ethics Opinions no longer issued were issued in response to specific sets of facts. The ABA Center for Professional Responsibility provides national leadership in developing and interpreting standards and scholarly resources in legal and judicial ethics, professional regulation, professionalism and client protection.

The resources listed below are all found on the Center's website. Includes a table of contents and individual rules listed. Each rule then includes all relevant comments. Scroll down to see the list of links. Earlier Opinions can be purchased from the ABA. Includes a chart on the status of each state's review of the rule changes, current policy projects, adopted policy, and related materials.

Sometimes you may have an incorrect title or author's name, so be creative in your searches. Barcodes are available at the Circulation Desk in the Law Library. Bennett; Helen W. This is the 9th ed. This edition of the Annotated Rules is also on Westlaw.

Legal ethics : the lawyer's deskbook on professional responsibility by Ronald D. Rotunda and John S. Dzienkowski Call Number: KF Published annually, available on Westlaw. Last received and available edition. Latest received and available edition. L45 L3 Also available on Westlaw. A8 A No longer updated in print. Professional Lawyer a periodical published by the ABA and available on Westlaw is now reprinting select recent material from this publication as articles.

Formal Opinion No. Informal Opinion No. Current to the 9th edition Current through the edition. In each Rule, scroll down to Related documents and click link for to search Westlaw for related cases and secondary sources. In each Standard, scroll down to Related documents and click link for to search Westlaw for related cases and secondary sources. Organized as Canons, followed by black letter rules and comments for each rule.

In each Canon, scroll down to Related documents and click link for to search Westlaw for related cases and secondary sources. Coverage from v. Report a problem. Subjects: Legal Ethics. Tags: legal ethics , legal research , professional responsibility.


Researching Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility

In almost all U. The MRPC is organized into eight major categories of rules numbered 1 through 8 , each of which contains up to 18 individual rules within, numbered using a decimal point to denote the hierarchy and organization of rules. In addition to the text of the rules, each rule is followed by a series of "Comments" which are not rules per se, but provide guidance to help attorneys interpret the rules. The MRPC is part of a series of attempts by the American legal profession to develop a centralized authority on legal ethics.

ISO 9606-2 PDF

Text of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct



Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility


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