The coordinate conjunctions do not modify the position of the verb in the clause. The most common ones are:. Ein Auto habe ich beziehungsweise meine Frau hat eins I have a car or, better put, my wife has one. Es kostet 7 Euro bzw. The disco is cheaper today for women and men. It costs 7 and 10 Euros, respectively.

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What do all these sentences have in common? If you take a closer look at the way these statements are structured, you will see that all of these are held together by words like but , because , and or therefore.

I like painting. So what are those magic words that let us link together two different statements or explain causalities? And just like in any other language, German conjunctions are a vital part of the German language.

As already stated, coordinating conjunction s in the German language do not affect the verb or its position. If you encounter the following expressions, you can be sure that you are dealing with a coordinating conjunction.

If you stumble upon the words listed above in a sentence, you know that these coordinating conjunctions link two sentences of equal importance together. Andy ist sehr intelligent, aber er hat einfach keinen Ehrgeiz. Er wurde nach Hause geschickt, denn er war krank. I can guarantee you it is very effective. Also, you will have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But whatever helps, right? After a coordinating conjunction, you will continue with the same word order as in the previous sentence.

This means that both parts of the coordinated sentence act as independent sentences which have been linked together and their structure is not affected.

When it comes to the position of the conjugated verb in a coordinating conjunction, the verb will be in the second position:. With two-part coordinations it is pretty much the same thing as with regular coordinating conjunctions: they leave the verb in the same position as in the preceding sentence. Entweder wir gehen heute ins Kino oder wir gehen morgen. Ich mag sowohl Richard Wagner als auch Richard Strauss. Mal kann ihr Hund sehr ruhig sein, mal ist er sehr anstrengend.

Unlike coordinating conjunctions, German subordinating conjunctions change the position of the verb in the sentence. When encountering a subordinating conjunction, you will see that the verb is moved to the end of the sentence. This was — admittedly — a lot of info for one single blog post. As soon as you feel ready to tackle the topic of German conjunctions, you can test your knowledge with Clozemaster!

Sign up here to save your progress and start getting fluent with thousands of German sentences at Clozemaster. Take your German to the next level. Click here to start practicing with real German sentences! I have been struggling to understand sentence structure. This was very clear ,precise and ,easz to understand!! I agree with Haidar, this was clear, precise and easy to understand. Thanks for the BeeGees sing to help… I actually love them.

Also I already use Clozemaster. Very useful and helpful! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The answer is: Conjunctions. Coordinating conjunctions in German As already stated, coordinating conjunction s in the German language do not affect the verb or its position.

Let me give you some examples of German coordinating conjunctions! Ich mag es, zu zeichnen und zu malen. Subordinating conjunctions in German Unlike coordinating conjunctions, German subordinating conjunctions change the position of the verb in the sentence.

How to spot a subordinating conjunction, you may wonder? Wenn das wahr ist, will ich mir die Konsequenzen nicht ausmalen. Wann gehst du nach Stuttgart? Wir haben uns nach der Arbeit getroffen. Wir sollten uns treffen, bevor es dunkel wird.

Bis Er hat bis um acht Uhr geschlafen. Bis er das merkt werden Stunden vergangen sein. Um … zu Um ihr eine Freude zu machen, hat er ihr Blumen gekauft. Er glaubt, die Erde sei eine Scheibe. Indem Hans sicherte sich eine gute Note, indem er sich beim Lehrer einschleimte. Sobald wir genug Geld gespart haben, wollen wir nach Bali reisen. Damit Er stellte er sich zwei Wecker, damit er nicht verschlief.

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