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Personal Sign In. For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Email Address. Sign In. Antifuse field programmable gate arrays Abstract: An antifuse is an electrically programmable two-terminal device with small area and low parasitic resistance and capacitance.

Field-programmable gate arrays FPGAs using antifuses in a segmented channel routing architecture now offer the digital logic capabilities of an gate conventional gate array and system speeds of MHz. A brief survey of antifuse technologies is provided. Some inherent tradeoffs involving the antifuse characteristics, routing architecture and logic module are illustrated. Article :.

Date of Publication: July DOI: Sponsored by: IEEE. Need Help?

LEY 18164 PDF

Design Security in Nonvolatile Flash and Antifuse FPGAs

An antifuse is an electrical device that performs the opposite function to a fuse. Whereas a fuse starts with a low resistance and is designed to permanently break an electrically conductive path typically when the current through the path exceeds a specified limit , an antifuse starts with a high resistance, and programming it converts it into a permanent electrically conductive path typically when the voltage across the antifuse exceeds a certain level. This technology has many applications. Antifuses are best known for their use in mini-light or miniature style low-voltage Christmas tree lights.


Antifuse Programmed FPGAs

Other Legacy devices listed may still be in full production, but there may be available pin-compatible, functionally-equivalent alternatives using more recent manufacturing processes. In this case, Microsemi recommends customers use the more recent Microsemi devices. For packaging information, go to the Packaging Solutions Page. All stocks have been exhausted, and these products are no longer available from Microsemi. EX device packages not mentioned above are available for current designs. SX-A device packages not mentioned above are available for current designs.


Antifuse FPGAs

USB 2. Accelerating 5G virtual RAN deployment. RoT: The Foundation of Security. Managing connected devices at scale: Connect millions of shipments on one platform.


QuickLogic Low Power Antifuse FPGA families


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