Page Count: Ins tallat ion and. Quic k-St art M anua l. How to Avoid E q uipment Damage.

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Page Count: Ins tallat ion and. Quic k-St art M anua l. How to Avoid E q uipment Damage. Disconnec t U PS. UPS to ins tall th e Mana gem ent Ca rd. T urn off the eq uipment that connects to the U PS. T urn off the circu it breaker on the r ear panel of the UPS. Make sure t h at any Ex pansion Ch assis or T riple Exp ansion. Chassis is disc onnected fro m all power: disconn ect the chassis. Card AP or A P can result if you d o not. Expansion Chass is before you install the. How to Recover from a Lost Passwor d.

Y ou can us e a local computer , a computer th at connects to the. Management Card through the serial port at the Mana gement. Select a serial port at the local co mputer and dis able any. Unless an APC smart-sign aling cable or Card to the selected po rt and to the serial port at the. Run a t erminal prog ram such as HyperT erminal and.

Pr ess t he rese t but ton on the Manag eme nt Ca rd. I f you take long er than 30 seconds to l og on,. Select System in the Control Console menu an d User. Manager in the System menu.

Select Administrator and follow the on-screen. Reconnect any cable dis connected in step 2 ,. Pr eliminar y Information. Management Card needs for net work communi cation. Existing feat ures All Network Management C ards still include the followin g. Integrated Environmental Monit or featur es described on p age. Preliminary Informati on. Card EM. Integrated Environmental Monitor that provides the following. In additio n to the Integrated E nvironmental Monitor, an.

Refer ence Guide. Installation in a UPS. Overview Y ou can install the Manage ment Card in a card slot in a. For a Silcon UPS, the. Management Card installs in a Silco n T riple Expan sion.

Installatio n in a UPS. Installation of M ultiple Mana gement Cards , a copy of which. Y ou must ins tall the APC. Use the same screws that hold the slot co ver in place to. Reconnect the UPS to its input power sou rce. T urn on the UPS. When handling the. Management Ca rd, touch onl y the end plate.

Mo dem Mo dem Prob e. UPS has no card slot availab le. The Management Ca rd installs in the chassis and. AC adapt er. Use the optional AC adapter with a chas s is under the following.

UPS is turned off or fails. T riple Expansi on Chassis wit h more current than the. For info rmation about the cur rent requirements for APC. Disconnec t th e. Make sure that the chas sis is disconnected fro m any power. UPS uses an AC adapter, disconnect that adapter from the. If a cable is co nnected to the serial port at the UP S or. If you are installing a chassis, connect the chass is to the. Use the same screws that h old the expansion slot cover in. Connect a networ k interface cable to the Man agement.

Connect the adapter to t he chassis. Connect the adapter to an independent AC input so. If you d i sconnected a cable in s tep 1, reconnect that cable. Mode m Mode m Probe. Quick Configuration.

Manag em ent Card c an oper ate on a ne two rk:. IP address of the Man agement Card. If a default gateway is unavailable, use th e. IP addr es s of a com puter located on the. T he Man agem en t Card. Quick Configura tion.

Follow the on-screen in structions to install the W i zard. Launch the W izard, w hen prompt ed, or , if promp ted to. W ait f or th e Wizard to disc over the u nc onfi gur ed.

Management Card, then follow the on-screen instructions. Card attemp ts to discover a pr operly configured s erver. It first. T o configure mu ltiple Management Cards , or to. Addendu m. If you leave th e S tart a W eb browser when. Network Management C ards. If these s ervers are. For more inform ation about using a s erver to. Card will attempt to transfer that file from a TFTP or.

Management Card will assum e all settings specified in. Management Car d can be configured remotely by usi ng. T elnet or by using the W eb interface: User Name and. Password are b oth apc , by default. See the Network Management Card Qu ali ty. Assurance s lip for the MAC address. Y ou must us e the APC Management. Card W izard or the APC initialization. T o create a bootup.

Managem ent Car d Addend um. MAC address valu e. A prop erly configured DHC P server r esponds with a. DHCP offer that in cludes all of the settings that the.

Management Ca rd needs fo r network co mmunication.


APC UPS Network Management Card AP9617 User Manual

Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with APC Network Management Card AP If looking through the APC Network Management Card AP user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them.


Apc Ap9617 Users Manual


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