Shree Ganesha Namah! It's Bejan Daruwalla's birthday on Monday. That bawdy Parsi astrologer and celebrated Ganpati- bhakt will turn He continues to be in demand. Age cannot wither him nor custom stale his infinite variety. Everybody from Narendra Modi down holds their palm out to Bejan when they meet him, hoping for a freebie.

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But even those reading the book for the first time will not be disappointed as Bejan, through his almost-in-conversation writing, entices you with the bit-by-bit account of how the world could face its final end. But if you think that a film script is all that it offers, then do not be mistaken. From bringing you the prophecies doing the rounds ever since one can remember, Bejan then lends a different perspective altogether to look at the dreaded date not as an end of the world, but as a new beginning.

Where what comes to an end is the chaos, paving way for a higher evolution in matters of spirituality. The astrologer also makes predictions based on the planets and their alignments with the sun signs for those only interested in knowing what lies ahead.

On the downside, one could say that the predictions are too far off and do get vague at times, but like Bejan himself points out that astrology is not an exact science and also that he is only human and so a margin of error cannot be ruled out while making these wholesome predictions for the world at large. What makes the book worth it though is the positivity that it exudes. Instead of being gloomy about the end, the reader would find oneself being optimistic about a change waiting to happen that would take humanity on the higher path of goodness and where, like all perfect endings, good will triumph over all evils.

The effect: almost like showing the light at the end of the tunnel. Home Lifestyle. Written By Aakanksha Naval-Shetye. Spirituality Evolution Astrology Book Review.


Bejan Daruwalla’s book ‘2012 End of the World’ launched

Ganesha says, in the book, my devotee Bejan Daruwalla, who is now 81, deals with the future of the world. He has my blessings. The reason is technology will marry humanity. The world is the playground of my Bejan. He is my child.


2012 End of the world (English) (Paperback)

File Photo PTI. I pray for the departed soul. My condolences. Om Shanti According to his website, the astrologer was known to combine the principles of Vedic and Western astrology, I-Ching, Tarot, Numerology, the Kabalah and even Palmistry.


From Modi's Fate To The World's End, Bejan Daruwalla Unwraps The Future On His 86th Birthday

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