Akademik Deneyim Y. Cassel SL and Sutterwala F. Immune complexes inhibit interleukin-1 secretion and inflammasome activation. The Journal of Immunology, , Oct 15, doi

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Fen Fak. GoogleScholar'da ise Two new Rhodocybe species sect. Turkish Journal of Botany. Fungal ekoloji. Characteristics of Gymnomycota, Mastigomycota and groups of them. Characteristics of Ascomycotina, Basidiomycotina and Deuteromycotina subdivisions. Fungal ecology. Fungal species that patogen in human, animal and plants. Mycotoxins that produce by fungi. One fun gus one name system. Hava ve toprak mikrobiyolojisi, mikoloji. Asan A. Determination of seedborne fungi in corn growing fields in Edirne province and its environments.

Trakya University Graduate School, Adviser: Prof. PhD Thesis. Taxonomic and ecological investigations on Aspergillus and Penicillium species isolated from soils of Edirne province. Is new generation sequencing an alternative to cultivation based methods for investigating fungal diversity in indoor air samples? Determination of Protosteliomycetes group organisms isolated from forestry and wildlife saving area of Uludag University Campus, Bursa-Turkey.

Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. Airborne fungal biodiversity in indoor and outdoor air of three mosques in Edirne City, Turkey. Airborne fungal diversity inside a nursing home in Edirne, Turkey. Asian Journal of Biological Sciences.

Single name nomenclature of fungi and its some reflections since especially in Turkey. Book of Proceedings and Abstracts. Sage Yay. September , , Konya-Turkey. Ekim Full text. Analysis of distribution rates of some publications that contains Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Alternaria and Cladosporium fungal genera originated in some countries via Web of Science Database 1.

July , , Manisa-Turkey. Proceeding Book. Antimicrobial activity of various formulations from Fomes fomentarius L. Sayfa , Page 2. Acta Medica Alanya. Mantar Dergisi — The Journal of Fungus. The antimicrobial effect of various formulations obtained from Fomes fomentarius against hospital isolates. Acta Med. Sayfa: , Mantar Dergisi-The Journal of Fungus. Trakya University Journal of Natural Sciences. DOI: Checklist of Cladosporium species reported from Turkey. Celal Bayar University Journal of Science.

Sayfa: 3. Ankara, ISBN: Ulusal Sempozyum. Sayfa: Airborne fungi and bacteria in the indoor and outdoor of day-care centers in Edirne City, Turkey. PhD Thesis, pp. PhD thesis. Edirne, 19 Haziran YL Tezi. Ocak , Edirne. MSc Thesis. Mikroorganizma inceleme teknikleri. Mikrobiyal Metabolizma: Fermentasyon ve solunum. Mikrobiyal taksonomi. Microbial metabolism: Fermentation and respiration. Formats of ATP synthesis and biosynthesis of nitrogenous substances.

Microbial growth, Expression of mathematical growth of microorganisms: Kinetics of growth. Calculation of population growth. Control of microbial growth: Environmental factors on microbial growth. Microbial taxonomy. Medical microbiology: Introduction. Interaction between microorganisms and humans. Normal human microbiota-microbial flora. Virulens factors of microorganisms. Host defense mechanisms. Relation of microorganisms and food, microorganisms can be found in the foods, factors effected microbial growth in the foods.

Food spoilage, microbial diseases sourced from food. Methods for preservation of foods. Contamination and prevent of microbial growth in foods. Spoilage of foods such as meat, milk, egg, fruit-vegetable, canned foods, cereals, fermented beverages.

Food safety. Microbiological production of foods. Biotechnology: Industrial applications of microbiology. Type of microorganisms and properties of them, percentage of them in the atmosphere and probable reasons, sampling techniques for microorganisms from air, origine of atmospherical microorganisms, airborne microbial diseases and airborne allergens. Antijen ve antikorlar. Infection and host resistance, transmission of infectious diseases, the causes of infections.

Virulence factors. Nonspesific host resistance The first line of defense: fagositosiz and inflamation. Antigens and antibodies. The role of antibodies in immunity. Cell-mediated immunity. Antisera and vaccines. Relationships of humans and microbes. Microorganisms that enter the body via the respiratory, digestive and genitourinary tract. Microbial diseases of nervous system. Pathogens that enter the body via the skin or by animal bites and via arthropod bites.

İngilizce: The definition of science, scientific method, definitation of research and type of researchs, error sources in research, research process and techniques, the planning and stages of research. Methods to access knowledge, sampling and accumulation of data. Sampling and data collecting methods. Important of statistics. Treat, solution and comments of data. Preparation of main titles of manuscript, title, abstract, introduction, method, results and discussion, proposals.


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Coiled-coil domain-containing protein is a novel centrosome and midbody protein that interacts with the Ras-guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1B and is involved in cytokinesis. PLoS One, Vol. Biological Trace Element Research, Vol. CD81 interacts with the T cell receptor to suppress signaling.


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