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Kia Rio. Daewoo Nexia. Blaupunkt Bremen MP Variable time-delay circuits on all four channels to produce unbeatable sound imaging Equaliser can be adjusted manually, automatically via included microphone or by laptop computer via serial port Traffic Info Memory records traffic announcements even when radio is not in use Extensively upgradeable with connections for remote control, CD changer, external amplifiers, amplified centre speaker, car telephone, PDA navigation and walkman aux-input Motorised removable front panel.

It offers a hugely sophisticated package that has obviously been designed to give good sonic performance and ergonomics, and achieves exactly this in spades It's a blindingly good unit at a remarkable price Considerably better reception is achieved if two aerials are used Disc type aerial with fixing kit is supplied for use as second aerial In 'static mode' FM reception, if one aerial is connected the second radio tuner will continuously search for the best alternative frequency with which to receive the currently tuned station and inaudibly switch to it if an improvement would result.

If two aerials are connected the tuned station will be received by both aerials in DDA mode. The TwinCeiver tuner will use both signals to calculate the cleanest signal possible In 'dynamic mode' FM reception, the second radio tuner continuously scans the waveband and displays the abbreviated names of the five strongest stations available in the area, in five different memory banks Travelstore automatically stores the five most powerful radio stations transmitting locally in the FM memory bank TA traffic announcement will switch station for the duration of a traffic report.

The original station is restored at the end of the report. Tone, balance and volume of traffic announcements can be independently set TIM traffic info memory will digitally record up to four traffic broadcasts in the two hours after radio was last turned off. For journeys at regular times, two programmable timers can be set to record traffic messages for 30 mins before and 90 mins after a set time. All messages over six hours old are deleted PTY-EON programme type information displays and allows selection of similar types of programme news, pop, classics, sport etc.

Up to 99 CD names can be stored in memory discs in changer only MP3 features: MP3 files can be grouped into a maximum of directories of up to files each. Directories can be nested up to 8 levels MP3 decoder will support variable bit rates between 8 kbps and kbps Both directory and file names can be displayed.

Unit will also display ID-3 tag type 1 information Display on two lines can be set to show track name and directory name or ID-3 tag information. Separate adjustments for treble, bass, fader and balance Source-specific sound adjustment.

The equalisers can be automatically calibrated via the included microphone, manually adjusted or adjusted by a laptop computer requires accessory interface. Equaliser settings can be viewed on radio's display In addition, five sound presets pop, jazz, classical etc are provided as pre-programmed equaliser settings. To enhance this effect, digital delay circuits will adjust for programmed speaker-to-driver distances, so all four channels arrive simultaneously Digital delay circuits can simulate the sound experience of five different listening environments Cathedral, Theatre, Concert, Club, Stadium if required DNC dynamic noise covering will automatically increase volume in response any noise that develops in the vehicle detected by included microphone.

Amount of increase varies by frequency band in order to best counter the type of noise present. Six levels of boost for any one of five frequencies can be set each audio source can have its own level setting Power on, muted, telephone call and navigation announcement volumes can be independently set Four channel 5. Unit can be linked to many makes of factory-fitted remote controls with an additional adaptor Telephone audio can be fed through radio's amplifier and listened to via vehicle speaker system requires accessory lead Two auxiliary inputs allow connection of external Walkman or iPod MP3 device etc.

Navigation audio can then be 'mixed in' with the normal audio output as required. Relative volumes of the mixed audio can be set Auxiliary inputs can be assigned personalised names Power-up message of up to 35 characters can be programmed and scrolled when radio is turned on Display illumination colour can be set to one of four preset colours, or manually adjusted to any one of 4, different shades Display brightness during day and nighttime can be adjusted to suit viewing conditions.

Clock display can show continuously while any audio source is activated, or when radio is turned off but vehicle ignition is on. Clock can be manually or automatically set by RDS signal Control button illumination can be set to any of 16 different colours TMC output for feeding compatible Blaupunkt navigation systems with traffic congestion data, when tuned to a station broadcasting TMC information What's in the box?

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