Leigh Anne Brodsky, President of Nickelodeon Consumer Products, described the soon-to-be released product as "a salty snack that's cheesy in flavor," and she expects that they will be well-received by fans. Co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, themselves, were on-board and involved with the development of real-life Cheesy Poofs to ensure the snack remained faithful to the iconic animated version. Comedy Central is using this season, dubbed the "Year of the Fan," to reward the loyal audience of this Emmy-winning, un-politically correct animated series. Instead of just watching Eric Cartman and his South Park buddies chow down on their formerly fictitious cheese-flavored snack food, superfans can grab a bag of their own. More from Delish: Learn the origins of your favorite snack foods! Cheesy Poofs aren't the first product to make the crossover from cartoon food to real-life product.

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Cheese puffs , cheese curls , cheese balls , cheesy puffs , corn curls , or corn cheese are a puffed corn snack , coated with a mixture of cheese or cheese-flavored powders. They are manufactured by extruding heated corn dough through a die that forms the particular shape. They may be ball-shaped, curly "cheese curls" , straight, or irregularly shaped. Puffcorn is a similar food, without cheese flavoring. Cheese puffs were invented independently by two companies in the United States during the s.

According to one account, Edward Wilson noticed strings of puffed corn oozing from flaking machines in the mid s at the Flakall Corporation of Beloit, Wisconsin , a producer of flaked, partially cooked animal feed. He experimented and developed it into a snack. Schwebke applied for an improved extruder patent in [2] and the product, named Korn Kurls , was commercialized in by the Adams Corporation, formed by one of the founders of Flakall and his sons.

The sales manager Morel M. Elmer, Sr. The trademark was lost when the candy company was sold in , but the family's Elmer's Fine Foods continued to make the snack and repurchased the name in A fictitious brand of cheese puffs called "Cheesy Poofs" has appeared periodically in the animated television series South Park.

The Frito-Lay company produced a limited, promotional run of the snack in August A fictitious brand name, "Cheezy Dibbles", is a running joke in the film Penguins of Madagascar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Puffed corn snack. This article is about the commercial extruded corn snack food. Cookbook: Cheese puffs. Snack Foods Processing. The New York Times. Retrieved 19 October Coyote Productions Blog.

October 11, Cheese dishes. List of cheese dishes List of cheese soups. Categories : Snack foods Cheese dishes. Hidden categories: Articles with short description. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Cheese puffs in a bowl. Puffed corn , flavoring. Dina Food Group. Hawkins Ltd. Pepsico India. The Smith's Snackfood Company.


Celebrating ‘South Park’ by Bringing It to Life

It's hard to believe, but Comedy Central staple " South Park " is turning 15 this year. The beloved series has exploded in popularity since its early construction paper days, but creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker haven't forgotten how they got this far: the fans. Speaking of merchandise, the most interesting component of this interactive marketing strategy has to be Cheesy Poofs -- Eric Cartman's signature snack -- coming to a shelf near you. After that, the snacks will be on the market for a limited time starting August 28 in Wal-Mart stores nation-wide. Will you be trying to get your hands on this fictional snack come fall?


Cheesy Poofs In Real Life: 'South Park,' Frito-Lay To Sell Cartman's Favorite Snack (PICTURE)

Garefino said. It is unusual, but not unprecedented, for fans of a television series to tour the set on which their favorite show is filmed. It is more difficult to do so when the series is animated and the set does not exist, much less the location the set represents. That is increasingly important when competition among entertainment properties for hearts, minds and eyeballs is fiercer than ever.

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