In memory of the late Dan Duchaine. Dan had created the Dirty Dieting newsletter for informational purposes. It's objective was to reveal the extreme and bizarre related to muscle gain and fat loss. The newsletter is for those adult men and women who want to know what's really happening in the strange sub-culture world of extreme physique enhancement.

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This is referred to as Euthyroid Stress Syndrome 1 ESS 1 and can be roughly trucked by changes in morning body temperature while? ALse, with towered T3 levels, metabolic rate decresses which may cause a hit loss plateau to occur. Unn'i lotemH Soim.. Sink-i PiOrh Hm- ah : -. Httmr, such a severe selenium deficiency hui only been ijb. And increasing- amounts af oiddiEed glutathione via carbohydrate restriction markedly decreases o'-d action ty.

Cunsidcruie the above datm tvrti pent- stbk h strategies fur meroosSng a'-d activity while on a rliet axe: 1. The foUmving me some general recoup mendatlonR far thrae nutrients, I will he able to provide more specific reoonujnefida- tians in Paul: III in an upcoming issue. This m why. Which means you will never got lean in those areas unless you reduce the number of the bad hdirtyTrMeptors.

Alpha-2 Receptors: The Enemy You have fljeard of them before. On the fat cells, only ntpha4ft subtype can bt found hut we will refer to them as aipha-2 receptors for ihmphficattoni. There will net bo enough of that hormone to prevent fat cells frem shrinking. From it dieter is point of view, this means he will then be unable to lost fat where a high density of alpha-2 retepEnre can he found. This is-exactly where tlwir fat actumuldieL You see, alpha-2 receptor?

They ore like magneto, attracting and retaining fat. Subcutaneous vp l rH rn m useu lar Fat The subcutaneous fnt is the fat located between the skin and the muKle?.

I n reality mast people will carry more subcutaneous fnt than intramuscular fat. This is bad enough, hut as you go imi a diet, things turn ugly As we -aid above, the subcutaneous fat contains the most alpha-2 receptors around twice ns much 1 when compared to intrarmntcular Fat.

So when you go on a diet, you will lose intramuscular fat wire as easily as sub- cutonwHis fa t. In frent of a mirror, this is a catastrephe: by l-eging intramuscular fat. In fact, you will only. All this beta use nf those damned alphs-2 receptors. Alpha-2 adrenoceptors are the main culprit.

Before being able to combat those rccdptors h we Pent hnve tp understand which factors increase aCgha-2 numbers on our fat. When 'Hie Betas Control The Alphas We have said shave that there were twu big classes of receptors on fat cells: the goad ones and the had ones. So far we hare talked of the bad onus. The good ones are called beta receptors. TOJU, a 1x3 t. ICnfct to f. Ta: the? Ameonm Academy of Pednatria. You alpha-2 receptor? M if things were not had enough, each lime be!

You new understand why we wilt have to get dim 1. Piny in Russian Howl ette With Low- Calorie Diets And ALphu-2 Re captors A second factor which controls alpha- 2 receptors on fit cells is the diet itself- As your calorie intake goes down, so will the level of insulin in ywr blood, As wO said above thus will increase the 3raponi?

But after a few days of dieting, meet people will get lucky. The number of atpha-2 receptore will decrease a little. In Eact, if exiimsa has an impact on alphas nereptore an fat cells it would tend to be an up-reguiatiun. But most. We said ihiM the major reason why women haw a hard time IbSinG hit on the bait is k-caLbe the density of alpha-2 raspbrn on that body part is too hqjh.

This might burn off a fow calories hul it will nsk solve Lhe prablem. This is also true for men doing endles? It does not disappear though, in fact there will only be a shift to the visceral ores. This visceral fot is caiLsidored lo be Intraurgtin tat and w hos fewer ofoha-2 receptors than fot on die butt nr m the log?.

Bus i n women, hlwking ommotsiotton will not reduce estrogen secretion. But on other tiaufl it will art as mild estroneu.

This is tbo ease in most people who are fat Sci,iMolH-jidojcwill not solve the problem. For a few happy winners, there are a whale bunth of loners.

If you use Mnlvodoii and yon do not sec quick results, stop it. We USsuiriL! They ore pot the regulators which will solve our problems But before getting into it. Jets discuss yohimbine a lit' tfo. Also, wo hare said that fa l alp ha- 2 receptors are exclusively of ulpba-2a sub- type. Yohimbine will act on most of she alpha-2 recoptora of the body and not specifically an fot iilpba-2 receptees.

It means yohimbine will have many side efforts like increased been rote, otcj. On lop of Chat, whenever alpha-2 recept are sire hloeked, they will try to defend themselves. They will do it in two different ways: 1. This means that yohimbine will step working unless you dramatically increase tilt dosUgL-s. It just means that it should not tx used alone.

Yohirtlh Lrto r s fat burning Effects wilt be greatly patentiated if we oauld sirn eiI- taneously: I. Block nlpha-2 receptees. Prevent their increases in responsive- ness. Angiotensin II: Hie Permissive SubsUmec ngiatannin 11 is u pjlypaptide which eh required for the repression of some but run all j alpha-2 receptors. This means that tvithaut angiotensin II, Edpha-2 1 na:vptore cannot be developed in some cells.

Some of thd goodies arc: 5Cet f ormin. Angiotensin II only acts on slphn. That to where wa get lucky. Hie key paint to remember here is that on fill celts. Technically it is il converting enzyme inhibitor. Let's just say that it is very effective at preventing the formation iff Aijgiotentfin II Captopril Iihs no direct effort.

How To U-H? Captopril Captopril is ei drug meant to camboi hypertension. If you already iufftr From hypotension. L i daily U a good stmt. So, it is best to take it before bedtime mid not firet thing ui the morning.

Another side effect you are going to sen quickly u the toss of water. Don't worry though, the diuretic. A more long term side effect af Ckpcopril. Well, here we are. Of course. In fart,. Captopril IF anything has an onabolic effect m the muscles.

This was the reason we started nun it. If you think we just made a hriltLant discovery. A woman with an eating disorder asked me to recommend a drug which would give her ntusdas hut without any virilization. I did not change her diet which is supposed to N a bit below main- tonanreas slto will haw 1 periodic high calo rie intake due to her eating disorder. Whon I saw her again. She did grein n little hit of muscle but not much. But what struck me the moil is the fad she had lost Fat in areas where she bad been unable to significantly lose fat before 1 - She told me she did not change her diet nor did she have less binge eating pharew.

At fijst I was not that happy as I was expecting the anabolic effect Hi be f irunger. So l went back to he medical library to figure cut the mechaniams by which Cuptopril allowed her to lose fat where so many drugs and ditto failed.

That is how 1 found the relation between Captopril and alpha-2 teceptojs. This time was an q high level bodyhuildeT competitor. He wag abtotb get Jean everywhon?

This was due to genetics, ai kh mother had dmtiy the fot pattern as he did.


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