Debebe Seifu , the late Ethiopian poet and academician, wrote poems exploring topics ranging from struggles of the working class to the great imponderable such as beauty and truth. His major themes were the creative impulse, power dynamics, greater self-awareness, and the clash between the artist and the values of a philistine society. He wrote most of his poems in Amharic and he translated a couple of them into English, though they remained unpublished. The fire blazing Its tongue flowering Called on us To wrap ourselves With its flaming scarves But you and me Warmth-proof that we were Began to write dirges With left-over cinders On a tablet Of tear-gray ashes.

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Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. Yebirhan fikire Debebe Seifu poem. Fan Recommended Poem. This section poes study both aspects. The first- the colonialists flame Ibid These lines show that colonialists affected Africa. In the first and fifth lines the speaker states the idea of his lack of good sense by darkness line 1 and night line 5. One different thing that we see in the recent times is publishing of collection of poems. This poem expresses its sympathy for the late queen Mennen.

Thought many a moon has been borne and gone Many a dreary summer returned and passed Whatever visions we have had of others 10 Are visions reflected on the mirror of our past Whatever warmth we shared with others Is warmth evoked in debbee of our past… No, it is not the big loss that hurt But our unforgotten eyes 15 Pomes across the shoulder of those nearer us In vain, searched for one another, No, it is not the lingering relapse that hurt But our unyielding hearts Who, condemned to remain faithful to our past 20 Betrayed the hearts of those now closer to us.

Remember me on this computer. Reviews and Annotated Bibliographies With reference to Ethiopian literature in English, including poetry in English, two researchers have done annotations at poem times. According to the lines life can have solution through hope. Among these the first to be mentioned is Baalu Girma, a well-read novelist throughout the country.

On the whole, Ethiopian poetry in English written during the period to E. Out, of your foreing outfit unholy stranger Feel part of the great work of art Walk debbee, walk naked 10 Walk in peace, walk alone, Walk tall Let the feelers of your motherland Caress your bare feet Let Her breath kiss dehebe naked body. He ddbebe says that sadness remains with him. The concluding chapter will summarize the highlights of the study.

In the early period there was also a literary medium which powms possible conditions for the writing of poetry. Though I were forbidden to suck your breast Black 5 Mother Though the wings of my sweet bird of youth are crippled I need to draw courage from your stretched arms To draw life, to draw strength To draw hope form what flows in the veins of your 10 Stretched arms. An activity based approach to teaching literature in EFL The other appealing thing is the blossoming of a flower which is typical only on the new season.

The poet seems poem appreciate this idea and says that it is her belief that saves her from enemies. Since vast ocean is wide, it seems endless when it is seen pkems one point. Other aims of the summit conference, Focus on illiteracy and ignorance. Watch, and out of your foreign outfit brother Feel part of the poesm of art Walk in laughter, walk in rhythm, walk tall Walk free, walk naked 35 Let the roots of your motherland caress your body Let the naked skin absorb the home-sun and shine ebony.

Thou art the course of man, And long is thy strong rope, Infinite in its span. Wild animals That migrated Have preferred Back their way to find.

O Lincoln, what bad had you done to deserve that? No more glory now… it is raped with you Black Mother No more laughter but the echo of its mock… 30 Free laughter Is dead in me. In fact before this podms in E. Comforting death If only that final rest Could also be like this. Qaetema grows around the riverbanks. Though I were forbidden to suck your breast black mother Though the wings of my sweet bird of youth are crippled I need to draw courage from your stretched arms To draw life, to draw strength To draw hope from what flows in the view of your stretched arms Ibid According to these lines we see the African is not in a position to be free from his problems without the help of his mother country.

Michael Cassio Jul The following lines indicate that death is not a temporary sleep. Ibid From these lines we understand that though the country is time old with proud deeds, it does not have that glory at this time due to the problems that affect its development. As each and every colored in thee does. Nothing is unusual, but a natural course 10 Lips that once kissed, hearts that once loved, Like the tombstone will forever be cold.

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Ethiopia: Poem by Debebe Seifu



“Tree of Hope” A Poem by Debebe Seifu





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