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This is the loopedthrough. Adapters or sockets not firmly secured can lead to faulty operation and possibly fires! Have such sources of danger repaired by qualified personnel without delay. This can be assumed only if the multiple socket displays the proof of its compliance with safety standards e.

Insert the corresponding power cable plug into the socket , then insert the AC adapter into the mains power socket. If the LED flashes, it means that external calls are not possible. In this setting, incoming calls are signalled simultaneously on all terminals. External calls can only be made to specific terminals when you have assigned them MSNs. Please refer to the chapter entitled "Configuring the System" for information on this procedure.

In the case of faulty operation, please also refer to the notes in the Appendix p. To simplify the connection of additional devices, you will find an external S 0 port on the lower side of the Eumex PC SE. A fixed installation from the NTBA should only be done by a qualified electrician.

Calls between terminals connected to the looped-through NTBA S 0 bus and the analogue terminals connected to the Eumex PC SE are routed via the telephone exchange and are thus not internal calls. Important telephone numbers In case. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. Page Important telephone numbers In case.

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Network Router User Manuals

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