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Page Count: Eurocave Inoa 50 Users Manual 50 to the manual 4cdfe48bcb6ac II- Installing the remote control inside the cellar. III- Installing the remote control outside the cellar. Venting plate and wall mounting bracket dimensions. Pr otection fr om light:. P r otection fr om vibration:. F or y our personal sa f et y , the conditioner m ust be co r r ect l y ea r thed.

Noise level: 44dbA — 50dbA. Supplied with a 3. The purpose of the cellar conditioner is to climate control any kind of fully.

A quiet conditioner: the system automatically adjusts speeds to ambient. The Inoa come as standard with the hot air discharge opposite the cold air. It can be ordered with the hot air exit on the left or the right side as an. For insulation, installing, positioning and more please make sure you have read our Installation.

T raditional building materials such as stone, concrete and brick are very poor insulators and only underground sections repr esen t any real insulation. It is therefor e essential, in the majority of cases, to insulate the entire room to be conditioned. Insulate — y es but ho w? It also has the advantage of not being attack ed by r odents. Fur thermor e, extruded pol ystyrene boar ds can be la yered and ther efore pr ev ent thermal.

The insulation must be completely continuous no gaps. How can you determine whether or not a material is a good insulator? The insulation performance of a material is established b y its R thermal resistance.

There are 3 types of insulation boards:. Insulator only , complex with plaster cov er or sandwich plaster both sides. For a more acceptable. If you only want to condition a section of y our room, install a plaster board dividing wall then insulate the side of the room t o be conditioned. If they are too damp , clean them with a wire brush then clean with a high pressu re water jet and paint with.

The process for insulating the ceiling and door is identical to that of the walls. W e recommend that you use extruded polystyr en e.

T ools requir ed. I - General points. In all cases, connection of y our conditioner must be carried out on an earthed socket to pre vent any risk of electric shock. P ow er outlet not valid f or some countries. Electric connection m ust be ca r ried out by means of a de vice to ensu re isolation fr om the mains system.

Installation m ust be ca r ried out in compliance with national installatio n. The conditioner produces cold air inside the cellar and expels hot air outside see diagram A. Direct the cold air outlet so it is facing the bottles see diagram D. The conditioner was designed to be completely modular and adapt to any type of cellar. Y ou also ha ve the option of expelling hot air outside the room by way of extractor piping standard piping, mm in diameter , not supplied.

Conditioner housed inside the cellar. Conditioner housed outside the cellar. Conditioner housed inside the cellar ,. Diagram B Diagram B.

Diagram B Dia gram B. The conditioner comes supplied with a metallic mounting frame which. It also has extendable ducting to be cut to length 75 cm each in or der to. Finally , the conditioner is supplied with an aesthetic front panel and 4 grids. II- Drilling the wall. The holes must be larger than the outline dra wn — between mm min. Use screws suitable for the wall material 6. Use scre ws suitable for the wall material Re tain the tw o screws Repeat the steps described at the beginning of paragraph III.

Conditioner housed outside the cellar :. Conditioner housed inside the cellar :. There are 2 methods for attaching the hot air extraction piping:. For this type of fitting, it is necessary to ensure sealing ar ound the piping. IV - Discharging condensate. The conditioner was designed to allow condensate to be discharged discharge pipe located under the. Simply pass the pipes through the wall to discharge the condensate into the room next to the conditioner.

Ensure that the piping is not cramped. The evaporator fan operates continuously to ensure that air is constantly mixed and that temperatures.

I- Remote contr ol description. Radio frequency r emote control Each remote contr ol has a personalised code matched to the conditioner. Po wer supply: 2 x 3V CR batter y , supplied.

II- Installing the r emote contr ol inside the. W e recommend that you place the remote control as close as possible to the bottles. Fit the unit close to y our. III- Installing the r emote control outside the cellar. The remote contr ol can also be placed outside the cellar. In this case, it is essential to connect a sensor supplied with the appliance to the remote control before installing it. Y ou can connect either the blue wire or the red wire to the circuit connector.

Pass the wires through the r ecess on the top of the unit. Ba tt er y CR Where placing the remote control outside the cellar , ha ving connected the external sensor , it is essential to reprogramme the uni t. Pr ess the ke y to change to OUT external mode. Pr ess. If you wish to r eprogramme the remote control for an internal sensor , disconnect the wired sensor and reprogramme the remote control in internal mode.

Pr ess the ke y to change to IN internal mode. Press to. Then repeat the same steps, as indicated in the above paragraph see 5-III-b. I- C o nn e ction. If the conditioner is not working, there ma y be loss of synchronism between the appliance and the remote control. Synchronising procedur e:. The green LED on the board comes on 2. EuroCa ve cannot be. All photocopying, r eproduction, translation, w ether par tial or total, are strictly pr ohibited, without prior written consent from Eu roCa ve.


EuroCave Pro 6000 Series User Manual – English (1)

Page Count: Eurocave Inoa 50 Users Manual 50 to the manual 4cdfe48bcb6ac II- Installing the remote control inside the cellar. III- Installing the remote control outside the cellar. Venting plate and wall mounting bracket dimensions. Pr otection fr om light:.


EuroCave INOA 50 User Manual

CellarTracker Main Site. Eurocave Viellithique help!! Users viewing this topic: none. Printable Version. Login Message. I recently moved, and just plugged in my Eurocave Comfort 1 zone bottle fridge, and low and behold it just holds at 72 degrees, and I have no idea how to program it to a more appropriate temperature.


Eurocave Refrigerator Manuals

We thank you for. A brand of EuroCave Group -. Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support information. For example, if I have a bottle in the rear of a shelf, and I decide to move it to the front of a shelf, the only way I can find to do that is to delete the bottle, re-enter the details, and then place it in the new location. In compliance with the legal provisions covering respect and care for the environment, your wine cabinets does not contain CFC. Correction on a translation problem concerning wine sheets. Depending on the model, it enables you to adapt it to your needs, and evolve in terms of storage: It is mqnual to follow instructions on the web interface for the 1st use.

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