IC-T90A quick guide update: December 01, Download this guide in mp3 6MB. This update reflects new information on changing the speed on the CW readout, manually setting PL tones, and navigating the set mode menus. It is not meant to take the place of the manual. We suggest that you acquire the manual in a form that you can read. This guide will only cover some basic functions and some of the many functions of the IC-T90A that you wish to use may not be covered here.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Operation is sub-. Table of Contents. Transceiver Icom ic-t22a Instruction Manual mhz fm uhf fm 50 pages. Operation is sub- ject to the following two conditions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Not only you can hear your favorite TV Page 3: Important If disregarded, inconvenience only. No risk NOTE of personal injury, fire or electric shock.

Icom, Icom Inc. Page 4: Cautions Otherwise, the battery pack or installed batteries will become exhausted. For U. NOTE: The battery pack is provided uncharged. Page Quick Reference Guide Page Battery Charging ON overnight. Then, fully charge the battery pack again. If the battery pack still does not retain a charge or very little , a new battery pack must be purchased. Use Icom battery packs, chargers and cables only. The use of Latch non-Icom products may impair transceiver performance and invalidate the warranty.

Page Basic Operation p. Page I Tuning Step I Tuning step When using the tuning dial to change the frequency, or when a scan function is activated, the frequency changes in increments determined by the set tun- ing step.

Tuning steps can be selected for each band. What is VFO? The transceiver has 9 squelch levels, a continuously open setting and an automatic squelch setting.

Refer to the TV frequency table p. Some channels are set as skip channels. Refer to the skip channel setting p. TV channel frequency and skip setting can be re-pro- grammed via the CS-T90A cloning software, ask your dealer for details.

Page 31 D TV skip scan The transceiver automatically programs the receivable TV channels as non-skip channels and others as skip channels. The receive incremental tuning RIT shifts only the receive frequency within approx. Make sure a charged battery pack or al- kaline batteries are installed.

Page I Split Operation I Split operation Split frequency operation allows you to transmit and receive on two different frequencies in the same band. The offset and repeater tone frequencies are not changed by the auto repeater function, reset these frequencies, if necessary. For such European repeaters, perform the following. M] for 1 sec. Memory channels can be named with 6 characters and as- signed to 18 banks.

The memory channels are shared with all bands. Memory channels — are blank non-programmed channels as a factory setting. Page I Transferring Memory Contents D Auto memory channel increment While programming a memory channel, the next memory channel can be selected automatically. This is convenient when programming memory channels one after another.

MW] for 2 sec. MW] to select memory mode. Page Memory Name Indication t Rotate the tuning dial to select the desired character. Memory bank and channel. MW] for 1 sec. Before clearing a memory channel make sure it is no longer needed as cleared memories cannot be recalled. Page I Call Channel I Call channel 5 call channels are available to store the most-often-used fre- quencies for quick recall. The call channels can be programmed in a similar manner to memory channel programming.

There are 3 types of memory scan, select band scan, full bank scan and bank scan are available. Make sure the squelch is set to the threshold point or desired squelch level. Page Priority Watch I Priority watch types Priority watch checks for signals on a frequency every 5 sec. The transceiver has 6 priority watch types to suit your needs. The watch resumes according to the selected scan resume condition.

Page 57 D VFO scan with memory channel watch While scanning in VFO mode, priority watch checks for sig- nals in the selected memory channel every 5 sec.

In addition, this transceiver has 2 ex- panded set modes which are used for programming even more infrequently changed values or conditions of func- tions. This item sets the power save duty cycle—the ratio of receive circuit on to receive circuit off while standing by. The duty cycle can be set to automatic default , , , , or OFF. Split frequency opera- tion allows you to transmit and receive on two different fre- quencies. Subaudible tones are superimposed over your nor- mal signal and must be set in advance.

By monitoring a signal that is being transmitted on a repeater input frequency, you can determine the tone frequency required to access the repeater. The output level can be adjusted within 32 levels or to the related level of the volume.

This can be selected in expanded set mode 2. This timer cuts a transmission OFF after 1, 3, 5 or 10 min. This timer can be cancelled default. This symp- tom is caused by the WX alert function. This function is useful when you want to copy all of the programmed contents from one IC-T90A to another.

Page I Resetting I Resetting The function display may occasionally display erroneous information e. This may be caused externally by static electricity or by other factors.

If this problem occurs, turn power OFF. After waiting a few seconds, turn power ON again. Remote control functions can be selected from 3 settings. These can be selected in set mode. Page Troubleshooting If your transceiver seems to be malfunctioning, please check the following points before sending it to a service center.

A 50— Page Specifications Page 95 Flexible boom micro- VS-1 phone and rotating ear- piece with a spring earhook. Page 96 Blank page By cutting along the line and folding on the dotted line, it will become a card sized operating guide which can easily be carried in a card case or wallet, etc.

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ICOM IC-T90A Manuals



ICOM IC-T90A Instruction Manual



Icom IC-T90 (IC T90 ICT90) user and service manual, modifications



Icom IC-T90A Instruction Manual


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