The surface sediments of Seybouse River and its affluents have been studied and assessed to determine their degree of heavy metal contamination Cd, Pb, Cu, Ni, Zn and Fe. The contamination factor CF , the contamination degree CD and statistical tools correlation and APC has been used in assessing: metal contamination, sediment toxicity and to identify the origin of metals which have enriched the sediments. Heavy metals concentrations of sediments are generally heterogeneous and vary according to the metal and the sampling site. The results have been compared to the reference values of the unpolluted sediments and have shown that Seybouse River sediments are more contaminated by Pb, Cd and Zn respectively. CF values indicate moderate to considerable contamination for most stations.

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Determination of Some Heavy Metal Pollutants in Sediments of the Seybouse River in Annaba, Algeria



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