The new Kazakh capital city of Astana is dotted with remarkable pieces of modern architecture, of which Khan Shatyr is the crowning jewel. Inside the huge structure of Khan Shatyr are a number of entertainment options, such as a park, a boating river, a minigolf course, a shopping centre and even an indoor beach resort. Khan Shatyr was unveiled by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in and was opened in , on the 70th birthday of Nazarbayev. Almost a contained city to itself, Khan Shatyr provides a near-vacation destination in the center of Astana.

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Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center opened on July 6, One of its outstanding features was a combination of technological innovations and a unique design that carries a breath-taking ancient Oriental flavor. Another advantage is polymer coating that made it possible to create an artificial climate of the building under a giant tent. There is a multi-stage temperature control system. The building was constructed as a feet-high tent covering 35 acres.

It was made of tons of concrete. Engin Asralan, General Manager of Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, told about the construction of one of the symbols of present-day Kazakhstan, and the difficulties construction team faced in the process. This idea was made a reality by Norman Foster, an amazing architect and the creator of this unique building who created several architectural wonders of Astana.

Opened in , Khan Shatyr is a spire that supports a special translucent tent by stretched steel cables. A special chemical coating of the tent protects the inside space from temperature changes and helps maintain the microclimate. With these and other technologies, Khan Shatyr hit the world's top ten eco-buildings," he said.

He underlined that it was Sembol Construction, a Turkish company, which constructed the building. According to him, the building of that kind was built for the first time and they needed to take into consideration all the features, such as climate, weather conditions, to name but a few.

There was a risk that the concrete would freeze before it hardened. Therefore, the workers started improvising by using powerful burners to keep the concrete warm. And this slowed the work progress down. We thought a lot and for a long time about how to erect a spire for the tent. We had to invite experts from various countries and do everything together.

A single column was not enough, so we decided to build a tripod column. It was the hardest moment of the whole project as we were to lift the tripod column, mount the ETFE coating in a freezing weather, and get everything done on schedule while the time was running out," the General Manager said.

As he was recollecting, he mentioned another detail about the construction time. The builders were expected to complete the project within two years. However, the construction lasted for four years because of the above-listed peculiarities, including the weather conditions.

Asralan also told about the peculiarities of the original architecture of the shopping center. Three-layer coating of the dome is capable of enduring a severe climate of Astana because here, a degree heat is normal for summer, and the air temperature reaches degrees Celsius in winter. The dome is made of ETFE, a special material that absorbs sunlight making it possible to create a summer effect inside the tent. The total area of the tent exceeds 10 soccer stadiums. The tent is made of a net of steel cables that supports a translucent ETFE polymer coating," he highlighted.

In terms of the peculiarities of the building structure, it is worth mentioning that Khan Shatyr is the only building in CIS countries that has been acknowledged by Forbes Style. Another feature is the Sky Beach Club an indoor beach located right under the dome of the shopping mall.

According to Khan Shatyr management team, the sand for the beach is delivered from the Maldives. The remarkable thing is that on average, 30, people visit "Khan Shatyr" at weekends.

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Khan Shatyr

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Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre, Kazakhstan by Foster + Partners

The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre stands metres tall, covers 10, square metres and is to become the capital's major civic and cultural venue. The building houses a range of leisure facilities and public spaces such as cinemas, restaurants, and public parks. The existing topography has been used to form undulating terraces, the highest of which forms a water park. The Center represents a major new civic, cultural and social venue for the people of Astana, bringing together a wide range of activities within a sheltered climatic envelope that provides a comfortable environment all year round. The tent-like, cable-net structure is located at the northern end of the new city axis and soars metres from an elliptical base to form the highest peak on the Astana skyline. The building encloses an area in excess of , square metres within an ETFE dome, with dramatic views over the city and the Steppes beyond.

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