Lo cual implica que los usuarios pueden leer, descargar, almacenar, imprimir, buscar, indexar y realizar enlaces a los textos completos de esta revista. A nivel de hatos la prevalencia fue alta. Sistema OJS - Metabiblioteca. PDF English. Publicado Sep 24,

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Lo cual implica que los usuarios pueden leer, descargar, almacenar, imprimir, buscar, indexar y realizar enlaces a los textos completos de esta revista. A nivel de hatos la prevalencia fue alta. Sistema OJS - Metabiblioteca. PDF English. Publicado Sep 24, Motta-Delgado, P. Palabras clave: Amazonia agente inmunosupresor Deltaretrovirus epidemiologia linfocitosis linfoma zona tropical.

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Univ Sci.


Leucose enzoótica bovina

The natural host of BLV is cattle. Besides structural and enzymatic genes required for virion production, BLV contains an oncogene coding for a protein called Tax and expresses microRNAs of unknown function. Because the oncogenic properties of the virus were discovered early, a search for evidence of pathogenicity humans started soon after discovery. Mostly farm workers drinking raw milk were tested for disease, especially for leukemia. But neither leukemia nor other signs of infection could be detected.


1994, Número 4

Bovine leukemia virus BLV is a retrovirus which causes enzootic bovine leukosis in cattle. Many potential routes of BLV transmission exist. Transmission through procedures that transmit blood between animals such as gouge dehorning, vaccination and ear tagging with instruments or needles that are not changed or disinfected between animals is a significant means of BLV spread. Rectal palpation with common sleeves poses a risk that is increased by inexperience and increased frequency of palpation. Transmission via colostrum , milk, and in utero exposure is generally considered to account for a relatively small proportion of infections. While transmission has been documented via blood feeding insects, the significance of this risk is unclear.

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