The Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathiya Sangam [3] was spread and passed on by him not only in theory but mainly in practice by his own way of living which by itself is an inspiration for his followers. Through the notion of Suddha Sanmarga Sangam , the saint endeavored to eliminate the caste system. Ramalinga advocated the concept of worshipping the flame of a lighted lamp as a symbol of the eternal Power. She was his sixth wife, as all his previous wives had died childless and in quick succession. They were a Karuneegar family in Marudhur, a village in the old South Arcot district , near Chidambaram.

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After unfurling the Suddha Sanmarkam Flag , one fourth yellow colour at the top , and three fourth white colour at the bottom. This Maha Upadesa or Perupadeasam was given to be noted down by the disciples.

And all so, what is the nature of self-existing Almighty God who is mastering and ruling us being seated above all of us. If that first veil vanishes, all other veils will vanish more quickly and automatically. That Green colours the fundamental colour of black. This kind of divine causal heat can be realized by the spiritual experience of an adept yogi. This Divine heat is not be known to be created or kindled by any other human efforts.

Only for this ATHI — USHNAM, the Yogi, go and live in forests, mountains and caves, for hundreds and thousands of years and kindle the heat with severe tapas, penance and strict observances and self-control. Divine inquiry. But we should not consider that kind of meaning. Moreover, somebody may ask: Oh! Why is it necessary to do efforts at this time of the manifestation of God? Can we attain and achieve whatever we have to achieve? This is good that you asked this; it is really True that the Almighty is to manifest.

Also it is True that the veil and obsecuring screen is going to be removed by Him. It is also true that you will achieve or obtain whatever you have to obtain. Among these two one part is at the base on the lower portion; another at the top portion. That which is at the lower is the veil of Asuddha Maya. That which is at the top is veil of Suddha Maya. Therefore it is possible at that time when that lower veil get removed, we will be blessed with purity to become purified persons, but we can not achieve whatever wish and goal of perfection.

Moreover we cannot obtain the Divine favours of performing the penta-divine functions of creation, production, purification, involution and evolution by grace-blessing , along with other siddhis or supernatural powers of perfection and also to practice and gain the spiritual experience, ANMA — ANUPAVA. Also the confusion and loud crying and noisy talks, etc. And so if we can live with continuous effort along with special attention or awareness, both Asuddha Maya Veil at the bottom and suddha Maya veil at the top which is of green colour will be removed at the time of the advent and manifestation of the Almighty God.

When the Suddha Maya Veil of dark green colour had been removed, other following veils will be very quickly removed. You can find and realize the detailed descriptionof these Veils or screen detailed or described in the Arutperunjothi Agaval poem of lines.

Moreover, when these veil get removed, anyone can perform the divine, penta functions, etc. And so, if every one can try with good efforts, it is possible to gain proper and sufficient benefits and profits.

Because, in these books of imaginary arts, only symbolic and hidden Truths are erotic without revealing the real facts, the authors had veiled and obscured the truth, as though somebody is covering with soil and dust over the death body. Even without revealing with a little atomic measure, they had symbolically represented the micro-cosmic pindami-Nature superimposed upon the micro-cosem Andam.

They hesitate and get be wildered without knowing to reply. The later followers, calling or naming themselves as great men, had puff led and bluffed nonsense things by closing their eyes of Truth vision. But the ancient one who had covered and hidden the Para Truth was a great Adept or genius and powerful person. Till now, nobody had discovered and found out what he had veiled and hidden, what he had looked or covered, no one had struck and broken the lock that he had sealed.

If we put our Goal or Aim for these siddhis, the goal towards the Almighty God, will get deviated away. If the aim of God realisation goes, at last the great profit or benefit will go in vain.

Or, otherwise, if anyone tries for a long time, and attains a little siddhi, the great gain or soul benefit will go away. So, let no one put the aim to attain the little siddhi but should aim at the Almighty God only. Because in them, the Truth had been revealed only partially, and Mystically secretely, obscuring the Truth but not expressed plainly and perfectly.

If we learn and practice these arts, there is not enough time for us. And so, let no one put the aim on the above religions etc. That Dogmatic faith had gone away how? Why I had that much attachment and was immersed in that was that I had been a very little knowledge and so-little understanding, but now the Almighty Arutperunjothi had lifted me up above lofty Summit heights. This because I had abandoned every thing or attachments and also if you can leave anything untrue and unwanted things, you can get great gain like me.

Had anyone, who had not renounced or sacrificed fully gainedany Profit no but they had only lost what they had got. They had not gained any profit, if anyone assumes that the attachment and aim on the religion had lifted me up.

Only this Gracious compassion had lifted me up. If anyone who is obstinate, does not come along with my path or does not heed to my words, or obey my advices and instructions,in whatever manner, but behaves rudely. I will teach or mend with threats or scoldings or challenges of strict observances of spells or;. I will fall prostratedly at the feet, making entreaties to condescend to my words or I will surrender with obedience and obeisance to get him friendly; or.

I will try by giving money and other desirable objects, gift articles to bring anybody under my control and favourable co-operation or;. Like wise, I will bring anybody to come to the path of virtue and goodness of compassion and grace.

If anyone does not come to the path of discipline and perfection, but behave like mean-minded or petty minded persons with lower intentions of animal feelings and behaviour , I will try my best as there is little or short time for the manifestation of the Almighty before the sanctum sanctorum of Sathya Dharma — Saalai Sanctuary of Eternal Service or in the public way of common preparation and collective evolution, till then let all of you come to accordance to fit with true discipline and also try to pursue and mend others also, to bring into harmonious trend of ourselves or merciful beings, try and through any trick or means of psychological methodology.

Let you all try and do like this for some time. I will also pray and appeal to the Lord, for the attainment of soul profits and so all of you also should behave and not according to me. I had been sympathizing with or feeling heavy at heart at those people who, without knowing or realizing the Divine, are circumventing me or coming round in obeisance to me.

Considering me as the Divine-embodiment or God head. I had been fully sympathizing with them that these our brothers, not knowing or realizing the Divine are coming round me and accompanying me always. The reason why they had not realized the Divine is that without experiencing the taste of any eatable, the real taste could not be known there will be no wish or liking for any eatable, whose taste had not been known or experienced already.

Likewise, until one has the direct experience of Divine, there will be no wish or devotion for the Divine. What is the inner form, outer form and the real nature of them the son, the moon and the stars. What is the reason that there is the over growth of hair on the eye-brows, hand-pits etc.

What is the reason for the emanation or germination and their further growth of the nails on the fingers at the legs and hands? What is the inner form, outer form and the self existent Nature of them? This should be done uninterruptedly and continuously. And hence, let you NOT consider or bother about their criticism or let you not intently worry about their ridiculous censures.

Likewise, if we can inquire about the fact that the Almighty Creator, who had put proper and sufficient holes in the ear-lobes, He could have already put proper and fit holes in the ear and nose, if HE THE ALMIGHTY had the wish and will to adore the ears with ear-studs for the males and to adore the nose with nose-rings for the females, then no one would have the acceptance and preparation for adorning the ear with the ear-rings and the nose with diamond-studs etc,.

If we do self enquiry thus and create carelessness or intention less ness for the worldly enjoyments, the state of desire less ness NIRAASAI , would be attained. If you could be practicing this Saadhana of Vichaaram, continuously, the Almighty will reveal to you limitedly for the conditioned knowledge. Further more, let you NOT think and behave or live as you had been so, in the past till now.

The meaning of the Mantras will vary in many measures and interpretations. Those who are concerned about the heaven or hell, will practice so many Saadhana or practices and after attaining little profit or infinitesomel Boddhis occult or supernatural powers , will get obstructed in their spiritual path and at last,,by divine favour or Divine help of omnnigrace, they will practice the good effort or perseverance of compassionate service KARUNAI — NAN MUYARCHI and consequently or ultimately obtain the ultimate perfection of bliss Siddhi — inbam.

This process is very rare and tedious. That is, the Supreme Knowledge with its Supreme Compassion. Moreover, the Karma Siddhar Supernatural persons of divine action, with occult powers , of impure — maaya — nature, had obscured or veiled the Divine — TRUTH, with revealing it explicitly.

Till today, these had been not other — Gnaana Siddhar of pure — Maaya illusion ,nature, who were great in experience of Truth knowledge and Bliss. Moreover, even the dead would have got resurrected back to new spiritual life.

The base or bottom of that membrance is of white colour, whereas the upper part of it is yellow colour. At this moment, the Almighty had been revealing them, revealing NOW, and will be revealing further.


Ramalinga Swamigal




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